Map. History of Corruption conflict

23 February 2020
President of Ecuador asked to investigate works of Correa for alleged corruption
Israel PM Netanyahu - facing possible indictment in several corruption cases - releases bizarre Instagram story asking people to help him come up with bribery jokes starting "bribery without money is like." he posts "is like Rachel without Ross: an omelette without egg" etc.
Romania's foreign minister says an amnesty for his country's corrupt politicians may be "an alternative solution" to relieve their overcrowded prisons
Today, @IWatchTN sued PM Youssef Chahed for using his influence as a public official to remove the name of Ben Ali's son-in-law Marwen Mabrouk from the EU's list of 48 people sanctioned for misappropriating Tunisian state assets after the 2011 revolution.
Netanyahu: The law enforcement system is one of foundations of democracy. But injustice to summon me to indictment hearing if it can't be held before elections.
Netanyahu will reveal an important detail regarding the investigations against him. I twice requested a confrontation with the state's witnesses testifying against me but was denied.1 year ago
Netanyahu "will reveal an important detail regarding the investigations against him." "I twice requested a confrontation with the state's witnesses testifying against me but was denied."
Netanyahu will reveal a new detail regarding his investigation
In the coming hour, Netanyahu will convene his lawyers.
1 year ago
Former Colombian anti-corruption prosecutor was convicted in the US
In Hebrew video, ⁦@netanyahu⁩ ramps up pressure on the attorney general not to begin proceedings against him in three corruption cases because it will interfere with the election.
Polish central bank Governor Adam Glapinski will be questioned by prosecutors in relation to a bribery scandal
Protests in Peru this evening demanding the resignation of AG Pedro Chavarry over his handling of the massive LavaJato corruption investigation #Arequipa
1 year ago
International investigative media @OCCRP claim that the former Russia's Deputy PM Khristenko and his wife, the current Deputy PM Golikova accumulated unexplained wealth of ~$360 million
1 year ago
President @UKenyatta: We must work together as a people to fight corruption. I urge every Kenyan to reject bribery HappyNewYear2019
1 year ago
KCNA: "Fin-de-siecle ways of life like misanthropy, contempt, violence, pornography and corruption afflict the sound souls and bodies of people, driving them into the abyss of ignorance, in the U.S. and other Western countries."
Thousands of people chanted Vucic thief as they marched peacefully through the city center in the fourth such protest in as many weeks. They demanded media freedoms, an end to attacks on journalists and opposition politicians.1 year ago
Thousands of people chanted "Vucic thief" as they marched peacefully through the city center in the fourth such protest in as many weeks. They demanded media freedoms, an end to attacks on journalists and opposition politicians.
Iraqi protesters wearing yellow vests, imitating the French "YellowVests" movement, demonstrate against corruption and lack of services in the southern city of Basra on December 28, 2018.
1 year ago
President @UKenyatta: All arms of government must work together to fight corruption. Judiciary must hear the cases before them expeditiously and finalise the corruption cases ThePresidentRoundtableKE
In Russia, a district court sentenced the author of Blog Sochi website Alexander Valov, who exposed corruption and government inefficiency in the southern city, to six years of prison on trumped up charges
1 year ago
Khamenei: If Jesus (pbuh) were among us today, he wouldn't spare a second to fight chiefs of oppression and arrogance; he wouldn't tolerate the starvation and displacement of billions of humans being pushed into exploitation, war, corruption and aggression by major powers. 28/12/1991
General Manvel Grigoryan was released on bail due to alleged health reasons.
Former Argentina president Cristina Kirchner to be prosecuted for corruption, says federal court
Protesters in Hurria street in central Khartoum marches the streets with cheers against thieves and corruption.
Israel's State Attorney recommends PM Netanyahu be tried for bribery in two criminal cases. In another, State Attorney recommends he be tried for breach of trust. Attorney General will begin assessing recommendations in coming days.
Israeli State Prosecutor announces transfer of 800 pages of findings re: Netanyahu criminal probes to Attorney General, who must decide on indictments.
39 police officers detained on suspicion of corruption in Kirkuk
Jordan news agency Petra says the capture and arrest of businessman and corruption suspect Awni Muttee came under royal directives; the extradition from Turkey came following a phonecall between King Abdullah and Erdogan
Prosecutors are seeking hefty prison sentences for former Telia CEO Lars Nyberg and 2 other senior company officials for their involvement in a bribery scheme in Uzbekistan. The trio are standing trial in Stockholm; a verdict is expected this February.
Poland's central bank governor blamed political enemies for entangling him in a corruption scandal and pushing the country to join the euro area against his wishes.
The vice-governor of the Pskov region is detained
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