Map. History of Corruption conflict

27 Май 2020
Video from Iasi, showing the size of the anti-PSD protest that took place earlier today. Media reports around 6.000-7.000 people participated
Йоханнес Хан: сегодня я лично поздравил Владимира Зеленского в Киеве с его впечатляющей победой на посту Президента Украины, которая дает ему сильный мандат для борьбы с коррупцией и «деолигархизацией».1 год назад
Йоханнес Хан: сегодня я лично поздравил Владимира Зеленского в Киеве с его впечатляющей победой на посту Президента Украины, которая дает ему сильный мандат для борьбы с коррупцией и «деолигархизацией».
1 год назад
Ben Saleh: Fighting corruption will have a positive impact on the national economy
1 год назад
Правоохранительные органы Белоруссии задержали генерального директора "Белтелекома" Сергея Сиводедова за получение от гражданина РФ взятки в размере 15 тыс. евро. Об этом сообщили в субботу в пресс-службе Комитета госбезопасности Белоруссии.
1 год назад
Algerian Army chief of staff confirms that major corruption cases will be revealed
President Trump and several members of his family sued Deutsche Bank and Capital One seeking to prevent them from responding to congressional subpoenas.
Israeli AG Mandelblit: PM Netanyahu's election will not impact decision about whether he is indicted for bribery
1 год назад
Defense Department's inspector general has cleared Acting SecDef Patrick Shanahan of alleged ethical violations. "We did not substantiate any of the allegations" that Shanahan took actions to promote his former employer, Boeing, IG concludes.
Romania's Parliament today passed controversial modifications to the Criminal Code, which scrap some graft-related offences. Earlier this month, the European Commission's Timmermans said it will "act within days" if Romanian govt passes the decrees.
The former president Alan García died at 10:03 am local time after being shot in the head when he was to be arrested. The funeral will begin today in the afternoon
1 год назад
Case of the assistants of National Front MEPs: Marine Le Pen is heard by the judges at the Palais de Justice in Paris.
1 год назад
Former Peruvian president Alan García, admitted in a critical condition to hospital with a gunshot he had inflicted while being arrested in Odebrech corruption case
СК проводит обыски в администрации Новокузнецка
Court ordered arrest of former President Kuczynski for Odebrecht case
A former Romanian MEP is to stand trial after the country's anti-graft prosecutors indicted him for falsely claiming expenses for travel to the legislature in Brussels and Strasbourg worth some €50,000.
1 год назад
Romanian President Iohannis announced a referendum on May 26 alongside the EU elections. The vote will give Romanians a say on banning amnesty, pardoning of corruption offences, and barring the govt from regulating justice affairs through decrees.
1 год назад
The EU will act fast if Bucharest goes ahead with plans to pass decrees decriminalising some corruption-related offences, warned @TimmermansEU.
1 год назад
GOP Rep. Mark Walker entangled in federal corruption probe in North Carolina
President Iohannis: PSD has crossed every limit. Every 3 days there's an emergency ordinance. This is an attack against the constitution by this 'accident of democracy' that is PSD'
President Iohannis: 'It is certain, i'll call a referendum on 26th of May because this is no longer acceptable. PSD is attempting to destroy the judiciary.'
1 год назад
Против экс-губернатора Хабаровского края Ишаева возбуждено уголовное дело:
1 год назад
Public prosecutor in Germany investigat submarine-sale to Israel
Thousands of anti-govt protesters are marching through Podgorica. Organised by a group of intellectuals, academics, NGO activists and journalists, Montenegro's oduprise protests were sparked by new revelations of corruption in the political elite.
Outside the Montenegrin prosecution building in Podgorica, anti-govt protesters light flares and call for justice. They accuse top govt officials, incl President Djukanovic, of corruption. #oduprise
1 год назад
Brazil's federal police arrested former president Michel Temer.
1 год назад
Newly released search warrant documents show FBI was investigating Michael Cohen earlier than previously known to the public.
1 год назад
Republika Srpska awarded a nearly 1.5-million-euro tender for construction of a hydropower plant to a company with no previous experience in the field. @BIRN_BiH was able to reveal that the company has links to the Russian motorcycle gang, The Night Wolves
1 год назад
The Lahore NAB had earlier arrested the suspect in October 2017 but he secured his bail from an accountability court after a plea bargain worth Rs620 million with the anti-corruption watchdog.
Anti-govt protest march has reached Montenegro's parliament in Podgorica, where they're calling for resignations and justice. Demonstrators accuse President Djukanovic and other high officials of corruption, and are demanding they step down.
A student named Teodora addresses the crowd of anti-govt protesters in Podgorica, Montenegro, saying they "won't be silenced anymore". "We won't let someone intimidate, threaten or stop us from protesting," she said.
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